Expanded Neighborhood Patrol

ENP is a program in which off-duty Dallas Police Officers patrol neighborhoods. The Highlands North ENP is one in which the officer uses a Dallas Police vehicle equipped with a Mobile Data Terminal. The officers have the ability to apprehend suspects, which our officers have done in our neighborhood.

Why do we need an ENP? Safety is the #1 concern of the homeowners in our area, and we have definitely seen a decrease in criminal activity since the ENP program began.  The regular beat police officers cannot be in our neighborhood as much as the ENP officers.

$$$ EQUALS PATROL HOURS  This program is supervised by a Dallas Police Officer, but the financial aspect of the program is administered by the Highlands North Homeowners Association. Our officers patrol 20-25 hours per week, at a variety of times so that criminals will not be able to predict the patrol schedule.

With your membership, you automatically receive the benefits of the ENP program.

Benefits of Highlands North ENP:

  • Vacationing participants get extra surveillance          
  • Email alerts sent to members with timely warnings or other pertinent information
  • Professional criminals are deterred by police presence in neighborhoods
  • Area teenagers are deterred from vandalism/malicious mischief by police presence
  • Reckless/speeding drivers will be deterred
  • More Bowie playground surveillance
  • Curfews enforced when applicable
  • ENP membership stickers on participating resident mailboxes

How to Use ENP Benefits and Questions

Members, visit the HOA Documents page if you would like ENP instructions for stickers and to request extra surveillance.  If you have any other questions, contact our ENP Chairperson: ENP@highlandsnorth.com