Benefits of HNHA

Highlands North Homeowners Association (HNHA) benefits

  • Extended Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) (See section on ENP benefits)
  • Neighborhood beautification projects include the stone entrance signs and flower beds at the ponds, the street sign toppers, maintenance of the fountains, landscaping and much more
  • Monthly newsletter - keeps you informed about neighborhood news, crime, and other tips
  • Neighborhood membership directory is provided annually (Sign up by Sept. 30 to be included.)
  • Neighborhood activities include the Fall Dinner, Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July parade and picnic, and more
  • Annual home tour
  • Social groups include book clubs, bunco groups, supper clubs and more
  • Pet hotline
  • Use our consumer file
  • Receive updates from our liaisons to City Council District 12, Dallas Police/Crimewatch, City of Dallas Parks/Easements, and the Friends of the Preston Ridge Trail
  • Sponsorship of block parties
  • HNHA CARES program to assist residents during Covid-19 epidemic

Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) benefits

  • Receive email alerts with timely warnings of crime in the area or other pertinent information
  • Request extra surveillance for your home while on vacation
  • Increased police presence in the neighborhood deters burglars, vandalism, and reckless/speeding drivers
  • Surveillance deters loitering at the twin lakes and the Bowie playground
  • Reckless/speeding drivers will be deterred
  • Increased Bowie playground surveillance
  • ENP membership stickers on participating resident mailboxes
  • Officers will answer questions of residents and visit with them personally about safety
  • The same three ENP officers patrol at least 25 hours per week and know residents WELL
  • Officers in the North Central Station know our three officers and often will pass information on to them if they know of something that affects our area.