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HNHA Services
The membership dues that are collected each year are also used to provide services to our neighborhood community, such as the maintenance and beautification of common areas. The various services provided by the HNHA help protect all of our property values.

The Twin Lakes, four Landscaped Islands, four Landscaped Meandering Way Entrances and other Common Areas are centerpieces in our neighborhood. The landscaping and maintenance that they require is provided by the HNHA, such as:

• Electricity & maintenance for the Fountains in the Twin Lakes
• Funds to monitor and care for the ducks in the Twin Lakes
• Planting & maintaining seasonal flowers and shrubs

• Trimming ornamental shrubs & trees and keeping them healthy

• Weekly monitoring of all common areas

• Watering & nurturing newly planted trees & shrubs


In 2008 HNHA completed a cost sharing project with the City of Richardson Parks to install irrigation and landscaping along the stucco fence on Coit Rd.

We were one of the first in North Dallas to share the cost with DART to obtain a bus shelter on the east side of Coit. Coit and Glenneagle is one of our important entrances into our neighborhood. The landscaping is maintained by Richardson Parks.

Our homeowners association also assists in the development of Salado Park near Bowie Elementary and Prestonridge Trail along Meandering Way.

The HNHA has completed many "special projects" over the years that have added to the beauty and value of our neighborhood, such as planting trees along Campbell side medians, double street lights around Twin Lakes Park and live oak trees planted and maintained at Meandering Way entrances to our neighborhood.

We track Civic Information regarding events that could affect our neighborhood, such as proposed zoning changes, elections, etc.


The HNHA also provides liaison with the Dallas City Parks, Street and Sanitation Departments.

We also track information from the Dallas Neighborhood Alliance which is an organization of more than 60 homeowner associations working together in far north Dallas.


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