Why Join HOA Membership




Highlands North Homeowners Association (HNHA)


  • ***NEW FOR 2018-19*** – Sign up by September 30th to receive your house number and the Highlands North logo painted on your curb to enhance safety and beautification. This is free and completely optional.  (retail value of $45)
  • Neighborhood beautification projects include the stone entrance signs and flower beds at the ponds, the street sign toppers, maintenance of the fountains, landscaping and much more
  • Monthly newsletter - keeps you informed about neighborhood news, crime, and other tips
  • Neighborhood membership directory is provided annually (Sign up by Sept. 30 to be included.)
  • Neighborhood activities include the Fall Dinner, Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July parade and picnic, and more
  • Annual home tour
  • Social groups include book clubs, bunco groups, supper clubs and more
  • Pet hotline
  • Use our consumer file
  • Receive updates from our liaisons to City Council District 12, Dallas Police/Crimewatch, City of Dallas Parks/Easements, and the Friends of the Preston Ridge Trail
  • Sponsorship of block parties


Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP)


Help us continue to decrease criminal activity in Highlands North with participation in the Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP), in which off-duty Dallas Police Officers patrol neighborhoods in marked vehicles.


  • All ENP funds are used to pay for patrol hours by off-duty Dallas Police officers. The more ENP members we have, the more Dallas Police Officer patrol hours we get!
  • Receive email alerts with timely warnings of crime in the area or other pertinent information
  • Request extra surveillance for your home while on vacation
  • Increased police presence in the neighborhood deters burglars, vandalism, and reckless/speeding drivers
  • Surveillance deters loitering at the twin lakes and the Bowie playground